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Liquid Gold Spray Tan

For a flawless, evenly sprayed tan

Do you want a natural looking tan without the need to bathe in the sun for hours or take a holiday? Liquid Gold is a new spray on tan sensation which provides instant results. The solution contains DHA and Erythrulose, which help you make your spray tan long lasting, even and natural looking. Even though the results are instant, the tan will continue to gradually tan over the next 8 hours after application for a beautiful tan.

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Bio Sculpture Nail Care Log

Bio Sculpture Gel

“Tried, tested and proven system adding strength and durability to your natural nails”

Bio Sculpture Gel is a gel for your nails which can last up to 3 weeks. The gel is available in over 150 colours and once applied, is cured under UV light making it strong, flexible and glossy. Avoid the usual chipping issues with Bio Sculpture Gel!

The gel causes no damage to your nail and if you wish to change nail colour in between having the gel on your nails, you can apply one of our nail polishes over the gel then remove it later with our “Non Acetone Nail Polish Remover” and you will still have your gel nails looking just as great.

The application of the gel is quick and easy to apply and dries instantly using our UVA curing lamp.  

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